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CMC food grade-Reasons for Preferred Approach
CMC food grade-Reasons for Preferred Approach
An amendment to the Code approving the use of sodium CMC in wine in Australia and New Zealand is proposed on the basis of the available evidence for the following reasons:
The safety assessment has concluded that the use of the additive does not raise any public health or safety concerns.
Use of the additive to stabilise wine and sparkling wine is technologically justified and would be expected to provide benefits to wine producers and consumers.
Permitting use of the additive in wine and sparkling wines would not impose significant costs for government agencies, consumers or producers.
The proposed draft variations to the Code are consistent with the section 18 objectives of the FSANZ Act.
There are no relevant New Zealand standards that would impact on our decision to amend the Code.
There are no other measures than variations to Standards 1.3.1 and 4.5.1 that could achieve the same end.